Spirituality and the Corporate World: Individual’s emotional heart and corporate mind exposing conflicts and exploring solutions


“This eBook is dedicated to the business and corporate world, while they navigate their journey into the future with more spiritual awareness and global responsibility.”

The eBook is available in PDF to download instantly and start reading now.

This eBook has been a scientific fruit of a joint CICA (International Conference of Conflict and Aggression) and CCA Global (Centre for Conscious Awareness Global) conference which was held online using zoom technology. This was a last-minute change due to the restrictions and challenges which faced the organizing team due to the Corona Virus.

The original conference was to have been held in Albany New Zealand on the 7-8th of April 2020, but the younger members of the team braved using the then-new technological developments so the conference could go ahead regardless. This conference was one of the first online international conferences to be held, and it was beamed out of Australia.