Arka Dhyana – Intuitive Meditation eBook


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Favorite Question from the Book

Why do we have to meditate and should it be an essential part of our live?

“Physical exercise is essential to keep ourselves physically fit. Similarly, we also should meditate in order to refresh and recharge ourselves. This will enable us to explore and experience our greater cosmic presence and positive potential.
We can live without meditation, but our ability to empathise becomes weaker and as a result, we become more mechanical, self-centred, selfish, and sometimes even violent. Also, we cannot connect well with other people, our latent creative and compassionate hearts cannot blossom, we may lack peace and the negative part of us begins to grow.
We may become aggressive, apathetic, or depressed and as a consequence, general health may be affected. Without meditation, you will never discover how deep, special and magical you truly are.”

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