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Petals of the Heart

Petals of the Heart

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When we remove the restriction of the mind,
we can feel the abundance of space within.

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Product Description

Readers in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australasia and Europe, as well as an increasing number in other countries, have already encountered the author’s inspiring spiritual and philosophical writings in two previous major books, Adventures in Self-Discovery and Becoming Inspired. Now in this memorably-titled new volume, Petals of the Heart, fresh ground is broken by harmoniously merging breath-taking colour photographs of flowers with delicately honed inspirational truths.

This combination takes the author’s rationale on consciousness into an expanded dimension of poetic expression and imagery. Touching simply and briefly on all the deepest and most vital themes of life, Srinivas Arka deftly combines insights of great profundity with highly practical everyday advice. Readers who reflect in peaceful solitude on the pictures and writings in this book, no matter what stage they have reached in their own spiritual development, will undoubtedly find the petals of their own conscious heart unfurling to new ways of being and understanding.



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