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Arka Dhyana – Intuitive Meditation

Arka Dhyana – Intuitive Meditation

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Why do we have to meditate and should it be an essential part of our live?

Physical exercise is essential to keep ourselves physically fit. Similarly, we also should meditate in order to refresh and recharge ourselves. This will enable us to explore and experience our greater cosmic presence and positive potential.

We can live without meditation, but our ability to empathise becomes weaker and as a result, we become more mechanical, self-centred, selfish, and sometimes even violent. Also, we cannot connect well with other people, our latent creative and compassionate hearts cannot blossom, we may lack peace and the negative part of us begins to grow. We may become aggressive, apathetic, or depressed and as a consequence, general health may be affected. Without meditation, you will never discover how deep, special and magical you truly are.

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Product Description

Arka Dhyana or Intuitive Meditation is a yoga-based discipline already being practised with beneficial results by tens of thousands of people in many countries. They include students, academics, business executives, entrepreneurs and professionals as well as spiritual teachers.

Through the practice of Intuitive Meditation many have gained courage, improved their health and come to experience peace and love in new ways. This first book on the subject aims to popularise its practice among a wider national and international audience.

“Intuition awakens when intelligence is exhausted” says the author Srinivas Arka. “By consciously allowing your heart to supersede the mind during the practice of this meditation, the latter will gracefully accept new guidance. The aim is not to control the mind but allow it to flow in the direction you intend.”

An inspirational philosophical author and speaker, and developer of Human Potential programs, Srinivas Arka explains how Intuitive Meditation, which he developed over twenty-five years, can help us find answers silently within ourselves as to who we really are, what is our true potential and what we can do to make a positive difference to the development of humanity.

Through concentration on breath, sound and touch, Arka Dhyana essentially serves as a soothing journey into your own private Universe. It brings the ancient techniques of yoga fully and meaningfully into the 21st century and its intuitive base allows everybody to progress and evolve in their own distinctive way.

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